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May 05, 2010


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bermudaonion (Kathy)

If I am kinder to female authors, it's certainly unintentional. Congratulations Lisa!


Hmm, I feel like I don't usually pay attention to the gender of the author. I'm sure lots of people would say that, and I'm sure I subconsciously know. But if a book sucks, I'm going to say it or woman. Same if it's awesome.


I am not a blogger (although I'm entertaining the idea...), but I do write a lot of reviews. But I do think I am harder on male authors that try to write in a female voice! A good example would be Chris Cleave, both his novels are written from a female perspective, and I really liked them both. I am currently reading such a book, Someone Knows My Name by Lawrence Hill, and I am impressed with the novel so far, partly because of his creating an extraordinary female voice to tell the story.

Why am I harder on male authors who narrate a story from a female voice? Because I am a woman!!!! Not gonna' feel bad about that! But I think the rest of the time, I am "fairly critical" and honestly hard on both genders.


I have a tendency to do the same thing about being kinder to authors I've had interaction with; I suppose that being kind is not a fault as long it doesn't cause me to be dishonest.


Interesting that this would become a conversation piece...are male reviewers kinder to male authors than women authors?

I think its interesting that there is a "cult of niceness" among female bloggers...really...has this person been reading the tirades and controversies in the blogosphere?

I digress. I treat each book and author the same. I've even given a positive review of one book only to give a negative of another book by the same author. My reviews are based on the merits of the book and its pluses and minuses.

Nursing PJs

wow Congratulations to you Lisa!!
so happy to you....
thanks for sharing..

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