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May 09, 2010


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Rebecca @ The Book Lady's Blog

Oh girl, you are not alone! Our shelves of already-been-read books are in the living room and bedrooms. The dining room (first room you walk into of the house) contains lamps w/ built-in shelves that house the TBR. Except now the TBR also lives in piles on the floor under the entryway table. And on the island in the kitchen. And the mantle.

You get the picture.

Methinks it's time for a purge.


Heh, that is an impressive tbr. No worries though, I have a full bookshelf as my tbr so no judging from this corner! I think it is good having a selection to choose from... if sometimes hard to actually decide and settle down with the next choice!


Looks glorious!

Amy @ Frugal Mama

I love the bookstore name! I'm sure it's overwhelming at times, but being surrounded by books sounds pretty heavenly.

bermudaonion (Kathy)

Yep, it looks familiar to me. I actually think it's a good problem to have - you can never have too many books.


Well, if you are hopeless, then so am I! Glad to know we all have the sickness :)


Looks very familiar! Though I could never stack books the way you did in picture 1 - I need to see the spines!

Melissa Stream

wooooooooooooooooooow!! I WISH I had that problem. Say Gayle...if you need any help with those books, I'm available!! I have no kids and lots of free time. I'd be happy to help out as a blog assistant wink!


My various TBR stacks look a lot like yours! I keep some of them in a cabinet with solid doors, which improves the look of things, but sometimes I forget what's in there, so I kind of prefer the piles.

Melissa Walker

I'm with you! It's so much fun to go in and pluck one from the pile, though, right? Exciting!

mari partyka

hmmmm... well I am not a keeper, of anything so I read them and pass along as much as possible. I keep my reference books and favorites or books I want to pass along to family in Mpls.

Good luck with your stacks! I'm happy to see the MMBC sitting on your night stand! :) ha.


Lovely! And familiar! My current stacks of TBR are in danger of falling over; they currently look like the twin Leaning Towers of Pisa!!

Amy @ My Friend Amy

That looks painfully like my life!

Kim (Sophisticated Dorkiness)

Wow! I think I see "Word Freak" on top of one of your piles. If that's right, it's a great book -- very entertaining.


Wow, what a great group of comments! Glad that I am not alone in this. :)

@Kim - yes! WordFreak - really want to read it.

@Mari - it's next!

@Lenore - I had them spines out for a while, but then needed to make room for a third pile so I had to turn them. It's also less stressful that way...


That TBR pile would give me palpitations.


I am feeling so much better! If I pulled out the books from under my bed and added the books in the dining room that are the ones I need to read for reviews, it would look exactly like this!


Wow and I thought mine was bad. It probably would be if I had that much square footage.


Hey what are you doing in my house? Oh, sorry...I just thought it was from all the book piles.


Wow, I love seeing other people's book stacks :) Mine are pretty similar. I also how love widespread books can be.. as in, no room in the house is spared!


Whew, now I don't feel so bad. I thought I was the only one who lovingly looked at her bookshelf while laying in bed! :)

Carolina Gal's Literary Cafe

Wow, you remind me of me. I moved almost two months ago. I tried to thin out the shelves. But stil have books in my walk in closet, my son's closet, on top of my airmoire, my book shelf, and on my tv stand. Before I came to this house. There were books all over the floor. But, book publishers are quickly sending me books again. What to do??!!


Yes this is very familiar-books everywhere spilling over.


As my son would say - holy guacamole! :) Ok, I can't act too shocked since I do have filled bookshelves and books stacked all over my house too.

Carrie, Reading to Know

I'm blown away...



This looks very familiar. Only I keep buying bookcases to manage the TBR pile. Which doesn't help matters because if I can keep it looking neat, it doesn't feel as overwhelming -- even though it totally is! I feel your pain, and you've got a lot of the same books in your TBR that I've got in mine. They all look so good don't they?

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