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February 28, 2011


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Dave George

Yeah, I started this one last year, but didn't get far. Bored me. Life is too short to finish boring books. Your FTC disclosure made me chuckle, though.


I felt the same way about The Intuitionist, which I think he wrote before Sag Harbor, but it never paid off for me in the end like this one did for you.

I saw him at the LA Times Festival of Books and he was really interesting to listen to. After that panel, I vowed I would give him another shot. I'm not sure Sag Harbor is the book I want to do it with though.

bermudaonion (Kathy)

A lot of people have loved this book, but the ending didn't save the rest of it for me. I thought it was just okay.


gayle. I also was very excited about this book and bought it on audible shortly after it came out. unlike you, I was not able to get through it. a few hours into listening to it, there was STILL no plot and I realized that I couldn't listen to a book without a plot. For the record, I also was disappointed with the narrator, as much I can remember, he had a strong and unappealing accent.

i am listening to the hunger games trilogy right now and love it... makes me want to fold more laundry!


Sheila, totally agree about the narrator. Didn't like his voice at all.


I've had this book in my sights for quite a while. But I haven't rushed to read it because I read some other reviews that talked about lack of a plot. How disappointing. I'm intrigued by how much you loved the author's writing and, of course, by the last chapter! I'll have to think about what to do....I'm sure I'll pick this book up at some point.

Thanks for your honest review!
~ Amy


I liked it. I thought it was a different perspective on a familiar story. It wasn't the best book I ever read but I am glad I read it.


I haven't read this one and I'm not sure I will. The passages that you shared are beautifully written, but good writing doesn't always make a good book. Thanks for providing a very honest review.


I tried to read this one and just couldn't stick it out.The descriptions were so great and there was lot that felt familiar and evoked memories, but the meandering made it a bit painful for me to read. Maybe at another point I will try another of his books.

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