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I have been blogging about books at Everyday I Write the Book since 2006. I love to read, and I love to talk about books. On this blog, I review the books I've read, and also write about new books that look interesting, but that I haven't gotten to yet. I read mostly literary fiction, but occasionally some non-fiction and memoirs. I am not into YA, mysteries, thrillers, vampire books, or romance, but I do enjoy a range of fiction styles and writing.

I live in Washington DC with my husband and six year-old twin daughters, where I manage social media communications and strategy for Discovery Communications, home of Discovery Channel, TLC, and several other networks. This means that I am always online on some social media platform or another.

Contact me at [email protected] or at @gweiswasser on Twitter.

Some FAQs:

Why don't you put any of the books you've read on GoodReads or Shelfari? I see your name there, but that's it.
My blog has all of that information in it and I am daunted by the prospect of entering it all into those sites. I do enjoy checking out other people's profiles.

Do you accept review copies?
Sure! I enjoy receiving review copies. I don't read very quickly, so if you have sent me a book (even one that I have requested), don't be disappointed if you don't see a review for a while. I do write about books that I haven't read yet, and am happy to do giveaways too. I do NOT read the following: thrillers, mysteries, romance, YA, or anything religious. I enjoy literary fiction, SOME historical fiction, and memoirs. Email me at [email protected] or tweet @gweiswasser if you want to send me a review copy.