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September 15, 2006


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You are such a great writer - and you made we want to read this book (and go back to the beach, where I have more time to read...) I hope you are well - anytime you want to do book club again, let me know!


This is a FABULOUS book. Read it!


I loved this book too, but I have to take exception to this

"But I promise you, this is not standard chick lit. Sarah Dunn is too talented, too offbeat, and too funny to be lumped in with the rest of the writers who churn out generic chick lit fare."

Read this and you'll see why:

Keris x


I just finished this book and loved it, especially the sharp humor and conversational tone of the writing. I also liked Alison's neurotic overthinking of every action and reaction-an updated female Woody Allen.

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