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October 06, 2006


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I haven't read "Lost and Found," but the premise reminds me of a novel I read last year called "Four Crows" by Andrea Peters. "Four Crows" played on the idea of a reality show gone horribly wrong -- five contestants are lured into what they think is a Survivor/Fear Factor-type show but in fact it is all a trick, and they end up in horrific situations doing bizarre and awful things. (The point of the trick is never quite clear.) I can't exactly recommend it, because the writing is bad and the copy-editing is astonishingly poor, but readers who like "Lost and Found" might find it worthwhile for a comparison-read (it wouldn't take long to get through).


I read "Dogs of Babel" by Parkhurst and found it really good, but not necessarily great. The decline of the main character was pretty compelling and I found myself rushing to the end of it to find out what happens.

NOTE TO ANIMAL LOVERS: There are some unsettling parts to "Dogs of Babel".

NOTE TO REALITY TV LOVERS: For a really disturbing take on reality TV, read Chuck Pahliniuk's latest book, "Haunted."


I am now about 1/3 through "Lost and Found" and am really enjoying it. I have to say that one of my favorite aspects of it is that the actual "scavenger hunt" details -- the premise of the reality show the characters are on -- are pleasantly underplayed. I feared getting drawn into long, dramatic accounts of searches for this icon or that relic -- and not being an "Amazing Race" fan, I was not the least bit interested in that aspect of the plot. Indeed, and perhaps because this novel is a satire, the characters always find the challenges almost absurdly easy to solve -- oh look, there's the shard of a ruin that we're supposed to search the city of Cairo for, now let me continue telling you my backstory. I love this!

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