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February 06, 2008


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I bought this book last year b/c it was on amazon's clearance rack and sounded cute. I'm with you- I hated it. I read about the first 40 pages or so and then quit. And those 40 pages were painful to read.


Interesting discussion! I actually really enjoyed this memoir. The simplicity and honesty drew me in. I was never bored. Also - I think many young people are self-absorbed. That is often part of the experience, no?


It sounds to me like "Prep," by Curtis Sittenfeld (also reviewed on this blog), is a much more compelling read about a girl's adolescence! Sittenfeld's ability to recall the female adolescent experience was, to me, uncanny.

Julie P.

I'm so disappointed to hear your review. As a child of the 1970s, I thought this book looked like it might be good.


Interesting discussion... Just goes to show that taste varies widely. Like I said, a lot of people on Amazon liked this book. Thanks for weighing in, Josie and Stacy!


A deadly bore. Thank goodness I borrowed this from the library and did not pay money for it.

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