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April 20, 2008


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I loved this book! You can read my thoughts here:


I don't know if this is proper, but can I recommend a book that I just finished?
The Outcast by Sadie Jones
I feel as though I should be her publicist-this is a great debut novel.
The characters are well drawn, the story is compelling, and I can't do it justice here.


I read this book for my English class since my teacher enjoyed it so much, and I was really surprised. The first half is pretty slow, but the ending twist is amazing and makes the whole book sooo worth it.


i really dug this book. i picked it up because i'm intrigued by authors that create a protagonist of the opposite sex, and it was 4 bucks at borders. a bargain book that kept the pages turning. twist was foreseeable (i had finalized my guess before the halfway point, and was right) but the end was satisfying nonetheless. a fine read - def pick it up.

Tony Joyce

I am trying to enjoy Runemarks and am succeedingly a little. But...and it's a big but for a Harris fan, I'm getting worried about her dark side. I feel that this time she has gone a tad too far.She seems determined to attack anything Christian. I've seen this before in her obsession with witchcraft. Of late, she seems to deliberately bend so many truths with wrong references and incorrectly citing the rapture and the tribulation. Her reference to the word is clearly the bible and the book reference interestingly is 6.6.6 which is the sign of the devil/beast. Perhaps she is mimicking Dan Brown and all of his trash!which is a pity because she can do better than that. Putting this aside, she cleverly threads together a story of intrigue, deception and double deception, making the bad guys the good guys and vise versa. I have a sneaky suspicion that she was probably taught by nuns and is using her writing to try and get back at them. I further suspect that she is propbably not even aware that she is doing it! I wish she would just get on with the business of writing a good book and leave her religious venom out of it.

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