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April 03, 2008


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So they created a "zombie" round which brought back two books that were best loved by readers. That is how Remainder ended up in the final round. Here is the blurb:

"Fourteen novels have been eliminated from the Tournament so far. From those books we’ve rescued the two that were best loved by TMN readers last year—Remainder and The Savage Detectives—and brought them back in a pair of resurrection duels we call the Zombie Round. In order to get to the finals, Ferris and Diaz will each have to get past a book left for dead: a book that’s hungry for brains."


Finally, another reader who doesn't get the hype about Then We Came to the End! I was really disppointed and wondered what I was missing? Glad to hear I'm not alone!


Ti - thanks for the explanation. I am glad to have readers more observant than I to answer these questions!

Kristen - we may be an army of two on this one. I just don't see what was so great about Then We Came To The End. Glad you agree!

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