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April 09, 2008


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Ooo this was so fun last time! Can't wait to do it again :)


For as much as I loved "Kevin" I cannot get into Post Birthday World. It's just too slow for me. Ponderous is the word that comes to mind!


Aw, I wish I could participate in this one. But I am three other books that are still on my nightstand to review. And I don't seem to be making any progress on any of them. Procrastination at its finest.

Since you have limited supply, I don't want to take the opportunity from someone who may actually read the book in time! :)

I'm definitely in for the next round.

Happy Reading!


I would love to participate, but am so bogged down with reading! I am still finishing up The Post Birthday World, which I don't mind, unlike Jennifer! I like the writing! And I'm still trying to read Three Cups of Tea and I started yet a third book: My Revolution. I really want to read Revolutionary Road but I can't seem to procure and library copy...oh, well, I don't have time anyway!

Hopefully, I'll get in on the next one!


Ooh, I already read this one !! I'm *so* ahead of the game xoxo, SG


I would love to participate!

Mrs. B.

I would love to join in! I sent you an email. :)


Wow! I'm excited. I just found this site after following a link in a Harper's ad for the post birthday world As a reading teacher, I work in a rural area with many disadvantaged kids. They are great - I look having book clubs with the kids and getting them into books and reading. But I have few adults to read with and talk to about books.... this is great! I hope to read and participate in commenting on Matrimony

Laura Adams

Missed out last month but can't wait to read "Matrimony" and discuss it!

Laura Adams

Missed out last month but can't wait to read "Matrimony" and discuss it!


I am the 'coordinator' for my book club, and I think this sounds interesting to try. I've had Matrimony on my list of books to read. Can't wait to read and discuss 'Matrimony'.


Is it too late to get a copy--I just read a little essay Henkin's wrote on another book blopg, and I am now dying to read this! I'd love to read this one--I've heard it is hard to put down.

bethany canfield

I just got my book today!!!

Rebecca Adler

Hm. I guess I'm too late to participate in this one, but I'll be checking back for your next online book club selection! I found you on LisaMM's blog and thought I'd check you out when I saw that you also have your own online book club. Maybe I can take some pointers from you ... if you don't mind.


Rebecca - welcome! Please - take whatever pointers you'd like!


MATRIMONY won the vote for the May/June book over at my on-line book club/blog Planet Books. Please check us out at the end of June and participate in the discussion. joshua Henkin's will be joining us on-line to discuss his "baby".


I, too, was excited about Matrimony as it was the book of the month for The Three Tomatoes Book Club. I want to abandon it because it is sooooooo boring, but am hopeful SOMETHING is going to happen....anything at all !?!?!?

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