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September 30, 2008


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Darby Lohrding

Hi Gayle,
I have not read this book, yet the part you posted about made my heart was so true!
Thank you for your review,
darbyscloset (at) yahoo (dot) com

Sheffield Sheffield

I agree, a slightly mixed up book but still enjoyable.


Thanks for linking to my review; I'm going to edit my post to link back to yours. It's interesting that we had such similar reactions to this book!


I cried when I first read this book over a year ago. As a music geek, it speaks to me, but as a person it is far more personal than I ever expected, and it moved me. I agree that Renee was a mystery and exactly what about her was so intriguing I didn't quite get, but I understood it to simply be Sheffield
s overwhelming guard and protection of their private marriage; almost a private world created by the two, which exploded after death. I accepted that out of respect and sympathy for his loss. It really did make me believe that true love could exist. They weren't a perfect couple by any means, but he wrote and dedicated, not only a book to her, but an entire decade of his life.

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