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December 18, 2008


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Books and book store gift cards are about all I'm giving for gifts this year. The same as every year.

I have a question: does a gadget like the Kindle have a negative impact on authors?


This is alarming, and depressing, news indeed. It's amazing how the recession is -- or will -- affect almost every aspect of our lives. Or life as we know it!

For anyone (with children) in New York City, I would highly recommend the independent Bank Street Bookstore (near Columbia) -- for children, teachers and parents.


I doubt that Kindle is author-unfriendly... I'd have to assume that Amazon has negotiated rates with the publishers that compensate authors for downloads. It's the bookswapping and used bookstores (which, believe me, I go to all the time) that hurt authors, because they don't get anything out of those sales.


Thanks Gayle. I've been researching Kindle and think it's pretty cool but I wouldn't want to invest $$ in something that would end up penalizing authors.

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