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May 17, 2009


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Julie P.

Love it or hate it (I actually really liked it), this book is an amazing book to discuss!

Josie Morris

I have started this book twice now and both times was unable to get more than 100 pages in. I REALLY wanted to like it and was hoping to get sucked in but gave up both times.


I haven't read this one, but like you, have read mixed reviews.

Carrie LaGree

Thanks for linking to my review! I absolutely loved this book, but it's also a book I wouldn't necessarily recommend to everyone; I'm not convinced it has mass appeal. It took me almost a week to read, which is long, especially for a book I really enjoy. It's one of those books I only wanted to read when I had at least an hour to devote to it. I passed it along to one of my good friends, and she was less enthusiastic than I was about it.


I cannot stand books that are slowwwww. It doesn't matter how engaging the characters are to me. If it is slow, I will usually shelf it and never pick it up again.

However, given the subject matter I can see how this book would be a good discussion book. The SAHM vs the working mom has been discussed to death but there is always a good point to be made.


This one has been on my shelf for a while now, but I have yet to pick it up--is it possibly that the subject matter is to close to home for all of us moms, SAHM or not?

I've been a SAHM until I started working part time last year. I can say the most stressful time I've had in recent memory was working a lot of hours over the summer (full time, really) while worrying about the kids sitting around at home watching tv and doing nothing at all...

Anyway, I will still eventually pick this one up and let you know how I felt about it!


I enjoyed this book overall, but it was a bit slow. I connected to the concept of the "nap" (as a SAHM former lawyer who spent the first 2 years of my mothering life in Manhattan -- an easy sell) and I did wonder if I was only connecting to it for that (set of) reason(s).


This sounds like a book I would enjoy on the one hand, but likely a book that I would need to read through in one sitting because I might not pick it up if I put it down. Thanks for the review.

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