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June 17, 2009


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What a great guest post! She is so right - high school is hard - you either don't fit in or you're working too hard so you can fit in. This post makes me want to get to her book pronto!

Lisa Munley

Great guest post! HIgh school IS hard. I haven't attended any of my reunions (also in a Detroit suburb!). I tell my husband and kids it's because we are now 3000 miles away, but it is really much more for all the reasons Miriam states here. There are maybe 3 people I'd actually want to see again and that's it!

Dr. Blondie

I am also fascinated with young adult characters. I just started reading the Twilight series, and am completely hooked. Now that high school is a distant memory for me, it's kind of fun to revisit the drama that rules your life during those years, tragic at the time but in retrospect, very lighthearted.

Lisa Sheppard

Terrific post. Reading this makes me understand the book even better. I think we are all, in our own way, trying to overcome the person we were in high school. At my 10-year-reunion, girls who had thought themselves too good for my group of friends came and apologized to us.

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