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June 15, 2009


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I had hoped to have this read by today, but it didn't happen. :( I've taken a couple trips and our son's home, so my reading's really taken a hit.


Great review! I have to say though, I had a harder time getting through the book...I'll explain in my review next month.

Kelly C

I loved this book. I thought Gershow did an excellent job of bringing us into Lydia's head. Adolescence is painful even in ordinary circumstances, and Lydia's grappling with how to handle all the attention in the midst and aftermath of Danny's disappearance is conflicted and believable, as is the other high school students' behavior towards her. Danny was such a jerk to her--part of the tragedy of this story is that he didn't have the chance to grow up and possibly grow back to her someday. Lydia's mother seems to be rather pathetic, and that made me so sad. It made me think of how I would handle things if a tragedy like this happened to me. Does grief do this to mothers of lost children, make them these weepy fragile machines who try to focus only on the search and not see the effect it has on their other children? This is what happened in Stewart O'Nan's book of a very similar story line, Songs for the Missing, too.

Lisa Munley

GLad you liked the book, Gayle! I'm still reading it so I skimmed your review but will be back when I finish. I really appreciate all you put in to reading and reviewing the book and offering it up to your book club as part of the tour!!


Great review Gayle. The MMBC read The Local News a few weeks ago. Feel free to share the author Q&A and discussion if you are interested.

Here are the links:


I had a hard time getting into this book, particularly because of the Lydia's character. However I feel that Gershow did not make Lydia likable intentionally, so I can appreciate that aspect of character development. I liked the fact that Lydia was not your run of the mill, stereotypical idea of a teenager, and reacted honestly to the absence of her brother. I just had a hard time connecting to any of the characters and feeling any sympathy towards them.

Amy Weiswasser

Once I started this book...I could not put it down. I loved it. Lydia was so real, as was the palpable sadness. I really (REALLY) wanted a different ending (maybe a kiss with David in the car, or to find out what happened with Danny...bring him back even) but it wasn't tied neatly. Such is life. Heartbreaking and brilliant writing. Thanks for sharing this author with me.


I agree that we got a big insight into Lydia's character. It was so easy to understand how she was feeling. Great!


Lydia, to me, was so real. Having children in that age range, I know that there are kids very much like her. And her reactions when Danny disappears were very believable to me. When she, essentially, all but disappeared in her own home but had the chance to be recognized by the other kids, it felt very real that she would take that chance even though she was never comfortable with it. I did think the last third of the book dragged a little but I know it was the best part for a lot of people.


I agree, I did not like Lydia and had trouble liking this book. I couldn't get into the story. It was just not my favorite.


Hi Gayle, I'm back! Just posted my review today so came back to read yours. Excellent review- you said it all so much better than I did. I agree the writing was brilliant. I too read the end closely- the last section was exceptionally deep and real. I loved how going home helped Lydia find her love for her brother again. Loved it.

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