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September 16, 2009


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Amie aka MammaLoves

Oh you are my type of reader.


Aw, thanks Amie! Hope you're doing well.


I want a bookmark and I want to know where you ordered them from. I want some made for my blog- That's a Novel Idea.


You have me laughing with...
" My biggest nightmare is being stuck somewhere - waiting in line, etc. - and not having my book with me."
That is mine too. Must be why I carry a backpack with me in order to hold at least one book, a couple of diapers, snacks, and other misc junk.

Have not heard of Jennifer Haigh. Will look her up.


I'll have to look up Jennifer Haigh - I have no idea what she writes though! I also prefer standalone novels - it's too much pressure if I buy the first in a series to have to buy the next ones also!

Loved reading your answers. :)

Rasco from RIF

I so understand the line about the horror of being in a long line without a book! Scares me when I forget!


I loved Everyone Is Beautiful. Hope you're enjoying it!

Amy Reads Good Books

I know, I've got tons of bookmarks around, but always end up just folding over the corner!

Jenn's Bookshelves

Oh I loved Everyone is Beautiful. You are in for a treat!


I dog-ear too. And I have a huge pile of origami corner bookmarks that I'm simply addicted to making but never use! I've never fallen asleep reading, but definitely have done that while listening to an audiobook (I listen at night and sometimes it's like listening to a lullaby).


You've never listened to audio book? Ever? Not even on a trip? I don't care for them usually but right now I am listening to A Mercy by Toni Morrison and I have to say, it is REALLY a great experience listening to her tell the story. She is very dramatic when she reads and I have to be extra careful while driving because I am so mesmerized by her voice.


I've just started listening to audio books in the last year and now I feel lost on a road trip without one.


Enjoyed your answers! And I'm impressed that you can fall asleep while reading...I tend to stay up much too late to finish the book. :)

Will have to check out Jennifer Haigh. Thanks for the recommendation!

Serena (Savvy Verse & Wit)

wow, you've never listened to an audio book and you have 300 bookmarks for the blog and haven't handed them


It may not be 300 bookmarks, but it's at least a few hundred. I've handed out a bunch. They are VERY simple... nothing fancy at all!

With small kids, I end up listening to kids' music or putting on DVDs when we are on long trips. No adult audiobooks for me.

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