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October 26, 2009


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Michelle B.

I finished this last week. Just didn't do much for me. The mother frustrated me with her dependence on her daughter, and the daughter had too many 'rules' that her mother had to abide by. I felt like the ending got thrown on after x pages and wrapped up everything a little too neatly.


I really loved your review of the book though I've never heard of this author before or seen her books in any of the stores I visit. Still,I think I'd love to read the novel as your review has really crackled my curiosity and interest about what happens in Helen's life and how she grows out of situations to deal with things ahead.


You must read Elizabeth Berg. I have read all her books and as soon as I see she has a new one coming out, I put it on hold at the library. Of course, they are not all equally good. The first one I read was "Talk Before Sleep," and I was hooked. Another favorite was "Open House." I was recently divorced and she captured what I was feeling so well.
And if you like Ms. Berg, you're lucky. She has a lot of books you can dive into.
Happy reading.

Carolina Gal's Literary Cafe

Sorry to hear that you are in a book slump. Hopefully one will come along soon. Can't wait for your next review.


Is the slump book Family Planning? I read that one too and found it tough to get into, though I did finish it. Since there is so much to read, I've gotten into the habit of happily putting aside anything that doesn't engage me (which I recently did with An Evening of Long Goodbyes), a practice that would previously have scandalized me. It's very liberating--you should try it!


Len - yes, that's the slump book. And I keep thinking, "But Len read it - why can't I get into it?" Glad I have your permission to move on.

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