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October 18, 2009


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Dr. Blondie

I am not a pet lover, so I have to admit that I inwardly groaned when my book club selected The Art of Racing in the Rain as our September book. But I loved it! It's a very light story and an easy read, which is sometimes a welcome relief after reading long, dark, and tragic novels (think Joyce Carol Oates's new book, which is what I'm reading right now). I think that I flew through The Art of Racing in the Rain in two evenings. I loved experiencing the story from the dog's point of view. I found the plot to be very predictable, but Enzo's observations on people and on humanity in general were funny, thought-provoking, and just plain tender. Great read!

A Bookshelf Monstrosity

Thanks for the review. I also tend to get turned off when a book is so heavily endorsed by Starbucks, but I do admit that it sounds good. I'll have to check it out.


Gail, I just finished this one last week! I totally agree with you about some of the characters needing to be more fleshed out, etc., but it was a wonderful quick read, as you said. It's nice to hope that our dogs are thinking the way Enzo is.

Amie aka MammaLoves

I'm similar. If the book is promoted too much or is in Target and Starbucks and on Oprah well...

Michelle B.

I LOVED this book! One of my favorites of this year. Many of my friends, who are not big readers have borrowed my book and enjoyed it.

Now I wonder, just what is my dog thinking?!

Kathy R (Bermudaonion)

I loved this book too. I think part of the appeal for me is that our dog loves to watch animals on TV - she gets excited and starts barking and we always wonder what she's thinking.


I am a cat person but it didn't matter so much with this book. I could easily relate to Enzo even though he was the type of human that walks on all fours :) To me, Stein succeeded in making him human-like.

Serena (Savvy Verse & Wit)

I really enjoyed this book and agree that some parts of the story were thin, but since I have a dog and often prescribe emotions to him, I loved the inside look into a dog's mind. Whether or not it is accurate is neither here nor there for me. What struck me as wonderful is that someone else besides me thinks that dogs are complex thinkers with great emotion!


I think I read this book at exactly the right time as I found the story to pull at my emotions at all the right times. To be honest I was in tears during the last two chapters!


I loved this book on many levels and forgive it for any flaws. Like I love my dog, I guess!

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