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November 14, 2009


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Kathy R (Bermudaonion)

It's interesting that it affected you differently as an adult. I do think most people are pretty self absorbed at that age, though.


That's on my list for the challenge, too. It will be interesting to see what I think of it now all these years later (I don't want to admit how many!!! LOL)


What a great review of this teenage classic. I love your description of how you sheepishly checked out the book when you were young, as if buying wine coolers with a fake id.

I was also one who had just read "selections" and your summary of the book makes me think I would have found it cold and unfulfilling. I like that it wasn't preachy or gross, as you say, but I guess I would have preferred a more exhilarating ending, like an intense romance that was destined for "til death do us part."

Oh well, that's life, and perhaps it's good for kids to look it in the face. Thanks for letting me vicariously become a cool kid too.

Julie P.

Totally interesting review. I have this one downstairs and I'd love to go read it right now just to see my opinion. I don't know if I read this one as a kid -- how weird is it that I don't remember?


Amy - so funny - I felt sheepish when I took it out LAST WEEK, not when I was young!!


We have self checkout at our library--guess you could use that instead of facing the check out person, but who are they to judge?! I read this as a young teen. I remember being just blown away at the gigantic step these teenagers were taking. But your observation of how they affected you now is very interesting, and I guess looking back, exactly how I would probably feel if I re-read it now! I can honestly say, I remember the story very well. Katherine going to the city to her grandmother's and going to get on the pill...yes, it made an impression on me for sure!

Nancy West

Gayle, I thought of you and this post because I just found myself re-reading another Judy Blume book, "Blubber," when my 7-year-old asked for it. Like you, I found it a different experience to read so many years later... I blogged about it here:

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