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March 06, 2010


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I'm not a short story collection lover only because I'm usually disappointed (I give 'em a try every year). BUT, I loved Unaccustomed Earth, really loved it. It's on my keeper shelf.


Lahiri is an amazing author. I can't say enough good things about her. If you loved this try Interpreter of Maladies, too. It's also short stories but each one is a gem. I'll add a heretical comment here too: I prefer her short work to her novel, The Namesake!

bermudaonion (Kathy)

I'm not a short story fan either, but this collection really intrigues me.

Colleen (Books in the City)

I love Lahiri's short stories - she really masters the genre. I never liked short stories before reading Interpreter of Maladies but she showed me that when short stories are done well they can impact you even more than a novel.

Glad you enjoyed Unaccustomed Earth!


I really, really enjoyed this book. I actually have always loved short stories and this is one of the best collections I've read.


I agree completely. A wonderful collection. Lahiri has turned me into a more enthusiastic reader of short stories than I had been previously. I also recommend "In Other Rooms, Other Wonders," by Daniyal Mueenuddin. He is a Pakistani author whose writing is simply marvelous. Very dark subject matters, but well worth the read.


I have had my eye on this book for some time, your review has ensured that I will invest in this book asap. Thank you for your recommendations.


It was good! I've enjoyed her immensely. I also loved The Namesake, and try Interpreter of Maladies too!


I really liked these stories but wished I had read them one at a time, rather than pushing through the book as one read.


Great recommendations you have in your blog. @Kiki: i read The Namesake in my native language (romanian), and you`re right: it`s a great and lovable book.


I read this book sometime towards the end of 2008. There is a underlying current of poignancy that runs through each of the stories but it has been very well written. The last 3 stories were heart wrenching and took me a few days to get over the book.
Interpreter of Maladies is on TBR list.


Glad to hear you enjoyed this one. I think I bought it awhile back at a library sale...I'll have to check my shelf. I'm really picky about short stories, but now I'm looking forward to this book.

City Girl

I was on the fence about whether to read this since I tend to steer away from short stories. After reading your post, I'm now looking forward to reading it. Thanks Gayle!

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