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May 26, 2010


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Great post! I love to think that I'm worth my weight in books!

Susanna Daniel

Great post, from a writer who was, until relatively recently, unfamiliar with the world of book blogging. One could read this as an answer to (and reasoned argument against) Garrison Keillor's piece in today's NY Times.

Rebecca @ The Book Lady's Blog

This is a fabulous post, and I so appreciate the shout-out! Extending the publicity cycle is one of the key functions of working with book bloggers, and it's wonderful to see it when authors really "get" what we do and why it's important.

mari partyka

Gayle... did you know?

I picked The Local News for the MMBC based soley on a post on your blog - you mentioned seeing it in a late winter 2009 (I think that's right)... months before the TLC tour was announced :)

My local BC picks book mainly based on what we are reading in the blogging community.

Congratulations to Miriam on all her success!


I love this post! And, Miriam, can't wait to read The Local News! (it's on my queue, I swear.) :)


That was a great guest post. I liked hearing how she was skeptical at first but realized the worth of book bloggers.


This is so inspiring! I appreciate Miriam's honesty, and I think if I was an author, I would have taken the same road as she did with skepticism at first and then embracing.

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