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August 09, 2010


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I forgot to ask you to look up the gals from a certain Twilight blog - they're an acquired taste but still pretty funny. It was their first BlogHer and it sounds like they had a blast!

bermudaonion (Kathy)

What a fun weekend! I wish I could have been there. How did you get the vacuum cleaner home?


That you got a vacuum cleaner that they will ship to you is insane! Thanks so much for the e-mail on Friday night. I had great fun and that place is so good!


I'm glad we had the chance to meet in person! Thanks for your support at my panel :-). Sorry I missed the chance to hang out with you and Nicole, though.

I'm still debating BlogHer'11, but will most likely go - after all, San Diego's practically in my neighborhood. I'll look forward to seeing you again there!

Janine (@twincident)

Hey! It was great to finally meet you in person! Sad I missed THAT party (I had the ticket and everything - just not the time!) but I'll take your old vacuum. It's got to be better than my old one :).

PunditMom/Joanne Bamberger

Wow! I'm so honored! Glad we got to hang out a little bit, but more time would have been better! ;) As for that vacuum cleaner, feel free to come over anytime!


I went to a bunch of writing sessions & really enjoyed listening to the amazing speakers. It was nice to meet you in NYC.


You had some KILLER quotes in that recap! So cool :)


Thanks, KV!


Florinda, Twincident and Joanne -great seeing you! I will report back on the vacuum.

AsianMommy - great meeting you too!

Nicole - always a good time hanging with you and talking books!!


Would like to have met some of you book bloggers. Really only thought a couple were there. Learned a lot. Met some great peeps and hope to get back to NYC for BEA.

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