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August 01, 2010


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bermudaonion (Kathy)

I cannot wait to read this book but I've been warned to have a box of tissues handy when I read it.


I am intrigued by the checking in on one day for twenty years concept. What a great was to frame the story even if it does end on a bit of a sad note.


I really liked this book too. I graduated college in 1986 and married my college sweetheart, so I could really relate. It reminded me of "When Harry Met Sally" in book form.

Carolina Book Stacks

I have been seeing this book around the book stores and blogosophere too. The book sounds like a movie I saw many years ago. When each year these two people meet each year at the same time each year. Can't remember the movie but Alan Alda was one of the characters. Sounds like a interesting read. I will have to pick it up in the next couple weeks or so. Thanks for the review.

mari (bookworm with a view)

I'm going to post my review for this book this week. I didn't love it, I wonder if reading vs listening makes a difference with this book. I listened to it, wasn't connected to the characters... I was invested and wanted to know what happened until shortly after the 'vacation'. It's really a sad story about two sad lives.

I'm glad you enjoyed it - you and I usually like the same books. I'm surprised with this one :)

Melissa Mc (Gerbera Daisy Mom)

I just finished this over the weekend, and saw your review linked on Bookworm with a View...I didn't like it much at all. thought Dex was disastrous and Em kind of wet noodle to hang with him. But that's the beauty of books -- we can all read the same written words and have entirely different feelings about them.
My post is here:


This is my favorite book I've read all summer, and I can't stop raving about it.


thanks for sharing that..seems like it had good reviews, since they're making a movie too. i hope to stick with the book, 'cause the movies adapted from books are in general worse than the book itself, though you think that the visual part of the issue should be in favor of the movie, but it doesn't seem enough.

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