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October 27, 2010


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Nancy Shohet West

One of my favorite books of all time. Sittenfeld astounds me as a novelist, especially considering how young she is (barely 30 when she was writing this one). I read the book well over a year ago, and there are still scenes and subplots I think back to all the time. Plus, as in "Prep," the characters are just so amazingly engaging. Like Gayle, I can't recommend it highly enough.


Ditto. I loved this book and think of it often. Sittenfeld is a brilliant story teller (aside from "The Man of My Dreams" -- ugh. CS should take her time and write only fabulous novels like "Prep" and "American Wife." Even if they are several years in coming, they are well worth the wait).

bermudaonion (Kathy)

I've wondered about this book, so I'm glad to see you enjoyed it. It's too bad they didn't pick a better reader for the audio version.


Reviews for this book seem to run hot and cold (or somewhere in the middle). I haven't read it but wanted to comment about authors injecting their own political agenda into novels. I find it a huge distraction and it tends to color my feelings about the book. Doesn't matter if I agree with the politics or not.

nomadreader (Carrie)

As you know, this is my all-time favorite book. I hope to re-read it soon to see how it holds up for me. I'm disappointed to hear the audio version isn't good, as this story should be great on audio. I'm glad you finally read it and enjoyed it, even if the ending didn't totally work for you!

mari (Bookworm with a View)

I read American Wife first, followed by Prep.

I really enjoyed American Wife. I read it over a year ago and still remember the details. I liked Prep but out of the two I like this book a little more.

Prep was an audio for me and as you know... audio can be a completely different experience.

christa @ mental foodie

This is just an okay read for me. I was more interested what is really the truth :) I didn't move to the US until 2004 so I guess I didn't know as much about the Bush histories as others do. My review:

Gayle Weiswasser

Christa - I was definitely wondering about the truth the whole time too!

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This is our book club pick for December. It's sitting on my table right now. I can't wait.

qua tang

or too many to thank


I think I felt similarly as you initially did about this book, unfortunately for me I don't think it survived the big purge. Bummer.

Miss Moppet

I loved this one too - one of my best reads of last year. The high school part was especially amazing - I knew what was coming but it was still devastating.

I just reviewed the audio version for our library's blog and had the opposite opinion on the narrator, but the same good opinion of the novel. I thought the audiobook narrator was good and really brought out the character of Alice. I didn't think too much about what was true or not, just tried to accept it as a fictional work as much as I could. It probably helped that all I really knew about Laura Bush was that she had been a librarian.
I linked to your blog post at the end of mine for an alternative opinion. I just discovered your blog today & subscribed.
My review:

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