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October 04, 2010


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I've added this to my DVR schedule!w2eu3u

Katie McCabe

Another book for those of you who caught last night's premiere episode of "Hardcover Mysteries" on the unsolved murder of JFK mistress Mary Pinchot Meyer: the memoir of the "other woman" at the heart of that case, African American civil rights and criminal defense lawyer Dovey Johnson Roundtree. It was Dovey Roundtree, brilliant, beautiful,and fiercely committed to justice, who won acquittal for the black day laborer accused of Meyer's murder, and who thereby left forever open to speculation the possibility of CIA involvement in that murder. She was the one character that narrator and author David Baldacci said he'd love to have invented! When you read her new memoir, Justice Older than the Law, which she and I co-authored, you'll see why. Her life is a series of firsts in the law, in civil rights, in the military, in the ministry. Visit us on the web at

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