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March 25, 2011


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I would love to listen to this one. Please count me in!

Tena Russ

This absolutely sounds like something I'd like to read! Great premise.

bermudaonion (Kathy)

I love Lippman's work and look forward to reading this one.


You don't need to put me in for the giveaway as I've already read the book.

I was drawn to the psychological aspect of the book, but I wanted a bit more out of Eliza. She was a bit cold to me. I also wanted to know more about Walter. What made him tick, etc.

That Barbara was a piece of work, wasn't she?

I don't care for mystery or crime fiction too often, but I am hooked on Scandinavian Crime Fiction right now. I read Nesbo's The Devil's Star and now I am reading The Snowman and it's changed my opinion of the genre. They are so good!

Laurie C

In general, I don't read much crime fiction either and I've never read any of Laura Lippman's other books, but you've made this one sound so good, I'd love to listen to it. I'm always looking for audio recommendations. Thanks!

Michelle B

I love listening to books on CD - my second daughter is in college 7 hours away. I need good books to keep me awake and make the drive go more quickly.


I read another book by her ("What the Dead Know") which I also thought was interesting with her Baltimore/local background. It was pretty good and had an interesting twist. Will have to check this one out!


What a great review. I have read this author's books and enjoyed them greatly.


Sounds like a good choice for an audio book, I'd like to give it a go!

S. Krishna

I loved this book as well. You should try her book What the Dead Know as well - same sort of mystery/suspense, I loved it.


I do enjoy the occasional mystery thriller but it isn't a genre i like to read all the time. Still, this one sounds like a pretty good read.

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