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May 22, 2011


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Nancy Shohet West

Gayle, I so agree with you about fiction. I always WANT to like memoirs (especially since I WROTE a memoir) but find myself yearning for the elegant structure and craft of well-written fiction rather than the detailed yet somehow non-textured narrative typical of memoirs. I wonder if this is partly because you and I both consume a lot of journalism through newspapers, magazines and blogs. Maybe we just like our nonfiction better in shorter form? I read 3/4 of "Denial" by Jessica Stern and felt the way you did about Tina Fey -- if any memoir is going to engage me, it's going to be this one. But the experience couldn't hold a candle to the two great novels I've read so far this year: "So Much for That" and "Freedom."


I totally agreed that the book didn't really hang together as a book. I also laughed out loud several times, but it could have been two short essays and I would have gotten as many laughs. I like some non-fiction, for what it's worth. I just think this one lacked a centering purpose. Or something.

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