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May 29, 2011


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Nancy Shohet West

Well, you won't get any other opinions from me. I was so excited to see this book listed on your "Now Reading" tab a few weeks ago because I don't know anyone except for me who has read this. I completely agree with your review except I think I was even more disappointed than you were. I found this novel so colorless. Not only was there a conspicuous lack of drama but even the central plot catalyst - Lauren's suicide attempt - came to seem strangely insignificant very soon after it happened. "Clausen's Pier" was so plot-driven that I thought this was a strange mistake to make, but maybe it's the typical "sophomore novel" syndrome, like Curtiss Sittenfeld's disappointing second novel. But Sittenfeld came back strong in her third one and I know Packer's new collection of short stories is getting good reviews, so maybe that will be the case here as well. That said, I did like the character of Liz; she had some interesting traits (like her mild but chronic guilt about being so domestically inclined despite her Stanford education). Overall I just found this novel to have a really lukewarm feel. Glad I'm not alone.


I enjoyed The Dive from Clausen's Pier when I read it several years but this book sounds a little tedious and heavy with little reward. I don't think I'l be reading this book any time soon.
Thank you for your honst review :o)


I was also super excited to get Tom Perrotta's new book! I totally had butterflies in my stomach when meeting him, something that doesn't often happen for me anymore.


I am so sorry the book didn't work for you, as I read her previous book, Dive from Clausen's Pier was a terrific read. But I read it at least 4 years ago. Can't remember much from it, but only that I enjoyed reading. Thanks for the post. Looking forward to hearing about the books that were featured at BEA.


Songs Without Words has been on my bookshelf for eons. I HAD to buy it after I loved Dive From Clausen's Pier so much (do you know they made a Lifetime movie based on that book?) I'm also excited to hear about a new Tom Perrotta book. I gave several copies of Abstinence Teacher as gifts one year since I liked it so much!


Thanks for the warning about the level of detail in the book - I really enjoyed the Dive from Clausen's Pier and probably would have picked this one up just based on my experience with her first novel.

I got an ARC of Girls in White Dresses too at BEA and am looking forward to it!

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