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July 21, 2011


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Melissa S.

Maine, Edgar Sawtelle and Bossypants are all on my TBR shelf at home. I'm totally sucked into the buzz about Maine! I read Henrietta Lacks last year as it was chosen for the UW-Madison BIG READ Program and I loved it. I have a great Bucky Badger poster in my office of him "reading" the book as a souvenir.
I'm interested in the audiobook of Life by Keith Richards - Johnny DEPP does some of the reading!!


Love this! And Unbroken is a GREAT book too. I'm excited to add more books to my reading list from this. Thanks for compiling - good idea. :)

The Zadge

I meant to respond to your Facebook post - I loved, loved "Half Broke Horses" by Jeannette Walls!


Love this list, and looking forward to getting started on some of the recommendations.

As for my loves on this list: Bossypants was every bit as good as all my friends promised. I read it on a plane and was laughing so hard people around me could see tears rolling down my cheeks. A totally fun book tha is great when you want something undemanding but with substance.

The Big Short was my first purchase on (which is fantastic for me because I listen to books while I walk my dog.) If you want to understand what the hell happened to our financial system, read (or listen) to this book.

Darby Lohrding

Thanks for doing the "poll"...interesting list and I am going to check out that author that was listed 4 times whose name escapes me now. This has been the summer where I have started more books than finished.....and that's not how I read! So I'm not sure how this happened all I can say is "so many books and so little time"!!!

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