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July 18, 2011


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bermudaonion (Kathy)

I think it's even harder to write that second novel these days because authors have to do so much of the promotion of their first book.

mari (Bookworm with a View)

Great post. I love hearing authors talk about the writing process.

I was talking with a seasoned author a few months ago who actually said that the publisher preapproves the story/concept.. I couldn't believe this (I know this isn't the norm).

Marybeth Whalen

Kim, I could so hear you talking in this post. And I have to say I can't wait to hold your second novel in my hands.
I kept thinking about that statement "the book that's hardest to write is the one you're working on." So, so true.
I heard the siren call of the book I am currently writing long before I started writing it. It made promises to me about the depth of the characters, the ease of story spinning, the many elements it would provide to me just by virtue of me taking the time to write it. And then... I started writing it and well, its promises did not necessarily hold true. Kind of like that guy you always wanted to date who turned out to have nose hair issues and an annoying devotion to the group Bread (not that I am speaking from experience or anything).
Which makes me start thinking about that other book. The one that looks so enticing from where I sit, slaving over this keyboard, dealing with these willful characters, wondering what to do with this muddy middle.
Instead of listening to them, I am going to repeat "The hardest book to write is whichever one I am working on" over and over in my head, like a mantra.
Good job Kim. As always.

Kim Wright

Thanks, guys! Marybeth, I was cracking up at your description of the guy with the "annoying devotion to the group Bread." Hysterical!

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