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October 07, 2011


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bermudaonion (Kathy)

Hm, this may not be for me if there's not a lot of action.

nomadreader (Carrie)

How have I still never read Sue Miller? This one sounds particularly intriguing. Thanks!

Also Interested

I read this book abut a year and a half ago, and whenever I think of it, I feel sad. Such a sad book. You describe it well, Gayle. I can never resist a Sue Miller novel, and this one was no exception. But I never have a desire to reread them....


Sue Miller has been an author I have been following for what seems like forever. I tried listening to Lakeshore on audio and was so disappointed I stopped. Based on your review maybe I should give it another go, only this time in print. Maybe my head was just not in the right place.

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