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January 17, 2012


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I put off reading it as well. And I didn't post a review on my blog because some family members read my blog. I didn't want to make a couple of younger ones anxious with my thoughts and reactions to the book. That said, I think Genova did a wonderful job portraying aspects of the disease. Having seen it ravage my father-in-law I know she nailed it - both with Alice and her family members' reactions. I left my take on the book at Goodreads and ended up having a discussion with a few commenters there.
I'm glad I finally read it (book club pick).


I had the same impression you did. I would recomend this book for caregivers. But, not for loved one's unless they really want to know how devastating the disease is. this novel was hard to get through, emotional. At times, it makes you wonder, a middle age if I was not going through Alzheimer's myself.

After I read Still Alice, I finished reading Left Neglect, I would recommend it also. It is about our fast paced lives, and we need to slow down. I reviewed that one on my blog too. You can view it there if you are interested.

I like reading Ms. Genova's work because she is a Ph.d and leads into the story.

bermudaonion (Kathy)

I really want to read this one even though I know it's heartbreaking.


I read this book more than a year ago, and I recommend it all the time. As someone who has family members who have suffered from both dementia and Alzheimer's, I found it interesting to read about the disease from that perspective. This is a definite read for everyone who knows someone with this disease.


I totally agree with your review. Until I read this book, I didn't realize that alzheimer's was so much more than just not remembering people, things, etc.


I didn't think I could read this - maybe when I'm in the right frame of mind I'll tackle it.

christa @ mental foodie

This is probably one of my favorite all time fiction books. Like you said, it's haunting.

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